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Welcome to the home of the Sunraysia Aeromodellers.

Greetings to all members and visitors!


general meeting on Monday the 6th of June at 7:30 pm at SAM clubrooms :-

Agenda items received from members

-Setting club fee for the 2016/17 financial year.

-Starting bays.

-Wheelchair access.

-Monthly general meetings.

-Fridge for clubhouse.

-Enhancement to irrigation system.

-Set monthly comp day.


We have 3 new instructors in the the club.


Congratulations guys on obtaining your instructor rating today.
Pictured are Kyle, Steve, Michael, Foster(from Coramgamite) and State Flying Instructor Adam Thompson.

Kyle managed to achieve heli instructor rating also.

VMAA secretary Norm Thompson was present as well along with Glenn helping out with the course.


Presidents NEWSLETTER  16 May 2016 newsletter here



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April 30th - May 1st   .. Annual Fun fly   FLYER here

bring some friends, they will enjoy the fun


June 11. 12. 13th   F3a Pattern contest, Vic/SA challenge

field closed  Saturday and Sunday


August   .. Annual General Meeting  Monday @ 7:30PM

October   ....  Mildura Open Thermal 2016


SAM field Looking from the North April 2013